Torkil & Kaiti

A timeless wedding in Areopoli, Mani

T. and K. embarked on a journey of love that started in Areopoli, the historic capital of Mani Peninsula. With Joanna Loukaki meticulously planning their wedding, every detail was flawless.

Their ceremony took place in the historic Church of Taxiarches, a stunning 18th-century monument. Surrounded by the town's iconic cubic stone houses they exchanged their vows filled with emotion and laughter.

Following the ceremony, guests gathered at Petra & Fos, a cliffside hotel with Byzantine influences. Against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset, cocktails were enjoyed, and the festivities continued well into the night.

Dancing, laughter, and joy filled the air as the party went on, creating unforgettable memories for all who attended. Torkil and Kaiti's wedding was a perfect blend of romance, tradition, and celebration in the captivating setting of Areopoli.

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